Discover Permanent Necklaces for Every Look

Make a lasting impression with a permanent welded necklace — the ultimate statement piece you can wear daily. Permanent necklaces cut the hassle of clasps and lost jewelry. You never have to worry about forgetting your necklace or it coming undone. But why else should you consider permanent jewelry?
Unlike traditional necklaces that need cleaning and maintenance, permanent necklaces are virtually worry-free. You can shower, swim, and exercise without taking them off. We offer a variety of aesthetics and thicknesses. Do you have so many necklaces that you never know what to wear? With a permanent necklace, you don't have to choose!
They can also be an excellent foundation for layering with other necklaces. Pair your piece with delicate chokers or longer pendant necklaces to hint at ever-evolving. Let your permanent necklace be the starting point for your unique image.
Explore our collection of permanent jewelry and find your forever piece today! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Anklet season is here to stay! Forever Golden Permanent Anklets are the ultimate accessory to add a little “Wow” Factor. From a classic white sneaker to a chic heels moment, a Forever Golden Anklet adds a touch of luxury to your everyday look.
At Forever Golden, were passionate about creating flawless pieces tailored to your exact vision. We’ll guide you through the whole process, from the perfect fit, to recommendations for adorning your custom piece with charm add-ons. The beauty of our Forever Anklets lies not only in their appearance but also their durability! After your custom piece is welded to permanency, that baby isn’t going anywhere leaving you with a touch of effortless luxury at all times.

Shop Permanent Necklaces in New Jersey

Embrace the freedom of permanent jewelry necklaces. With our collection, you’ll find a range of gauges, from whisper-thin chains to thick, bolder options. But how do you choose the perfect piece? Here's a roadmap to guide you:

  • Think About Your Lifestyle: Active individuals might prefer a sturdier chain, while those seeking a barely-there aura can choose a daintier option. Think about the metal since you'll be wearing your permanent necklace 24/7. A sleek silver might be perfect for an active life, while a luxurious permanent gold necklace adds a touch of glamour for all occasions.

  • Layering Potential: Will you wear your permanent piece alone or layered with other necklaces? Consider how the thickness and metal will complement your existing collection.

  • The Perfect Fit: Our in-person consultations or online sizing guide ensure a comfortable fit that won't restrict movement.

We know you'll want something that reflects your fashion and becomes a cherished part of your story. With these tips and our expert guidance, you'll be well on your way to finding a permanent piece of jewelry.


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